1. Who is an introvert?
  2. Who is an extrovert?
  3. Categories of Extroversion
  4. How does one become Introvert
  5. Process in Introversion
  6. Suggestions

Who is an introvert?

An Introvert is one who works on himself and his inner personality, his Body Mind Intellect. The introvert wants to improve the quality of their actions, emotions, thoughts & their response to the world. As a result, they gain peace and prosperity.

Who is an extrovert?

Extrovert is one whose focus, attention and effort is on the world of objects and beings. They have a firm belief that pursuing the world will fulfill their desire and gain peace.  A general misunderstanding in the world is that the introvert are week individuals and lack emotions. Their communication is poor, they don’t have social life, also lacks social skills. Associated with depressed behaviors. Whereas, in spiritual term, introversion is an essential quality. When an individual turns inward is when they are in search of their true nature or purpose of existence. Introvert is one who finds solutions. The first lesson studied at the Vedanta academy is to turn inward.

The course starts with this poem – “Turkey and the ant”. Turkey is cursing humans; Christmas shortens our days. One black ant climbs up the mountain and says, 

Ere you remark another’s Sin, bid thy own conscience look within, control thy more voracious bill, nor for a breakfast nation kill

From the Poem – Turkey and the ant

Why are people extroverted:

1. Pampered by family, friends & society 

2. Constant catering to one’s likes & dislikes

One becomes extroverted due to ignorance. When one keeps getting what they want, or their demands are met all the time they turn selfish and self-centered. They have a firm belief that my life will improve when the external world improves.

The moment you are extroverted the blame game starts. Let’s understand the Painful life of an extroverted person. E.g., When you attend a concert, person sitting next to you is shaking their leg & this can disturb your concentration. Extroverted person will keep blaming the world. Extroverted guys want to derive joy from external world. Contact born pleasures are a womb of sorrow.  It grows. Painful life of an extroverted living.

Satsang a Sanskrit word meaning “company of good” is essential, most of the time. Adi Shankara says Satsangathveh……in bhaja govindam. The quality of friends you have defines the quality of thoughts you entertain. Bhagavad Gita says Guna guneshu varthanthe. 

E.g.: While you have a moonlight dinner, if I come and ask you is there light in the moon? There is no light in the moon. It’s difficult to convince a person who is enjoying the moonlight that it’s only a reflection. Similarly, it’s difficult to convince an extrovert who is looking for happiness in the outside world. It’s difficult to tell an extroverted person that there is no pleasure in the worldly pursuits. Therefore, first stage of self-development is look within.  Where do you start. You need consistent help and guidance. It’s easy to be extroverted.

Categories of extroversion:

1. Materialist is one who Carries material wealth as a primary aspect of their life. Nothing wrong with material wealth. Only thing is you work on not becoming dependent on it. You can have anything. As long as you are not dependent on it. Aniketha is the name of the cottage of Swamiji.  Aniketha meaning is homeless. It’s a detached state towards your possessions.

2. Sensualist is one who derived pleasures through senses. It could be eyes, could be the tongue. Irresponsibly drawn gravitates to sense objects. You could be in the midst of all that and not be influenced by this.

” I am amazed at the number of things I can do without”- George Bernard Shaw

3. Emotional: your emotions and feelings dictate your life. You get attached, involved possessive towards objects & beings.

4. Intelligent with reference to a field of activity. They use their gross intellect. Gather information and improve their standard of living.

5. Intellectual is one who uses gross intellect and subtle Intellect in a process of thinking. Studies facts, reasons carefully and acts in the best interest of all. 6. Spiritual: When one understands that they are a combination of Spirit and matter. Your original nature is on more on the reality in you than the ephemeral aspects of life. Your usage of the world is very minimal

How does one become Introvert: 

One can become introvert when you start asking the right questions which provokes an answer. People are extroverted because they have taken life for granted.

You question to get yourself clarified. Your questions give a direction to your thinking.  Keep the student in you alive. An apple was falling, an introvert asked a right question. We also see apple falling, did we ask such questions. Have you questioned your own self. Ask a question & you may not get an answer.  Someday you will get an answer. 

E.g.: Steve job questioned his daughter why you are carrying a disc player with limited songs.

Mahatma Gandhi asked right questions.

In spiritual path, in Upanishad, its nothing but asking right questions.  Instead of asking the question, who is agitating me, ask what is in me which is allowing me to get agitated. You then turn introvert. I don’t know how but I need to work on myself.  In that way your selfishness reduces, your ego reduces. You are working all the time.

If you are extroverted, your capacity to be happy has been transferred to someone else. To find Shanti in Ashanti, you need to be introverted.

When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, i dreamed of changing the world. As i grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change, so i shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country. But it too seemed immovable. As i grew into my twilight years, in one last attempt, i settled for changing only my family, those closest to me, but alas, they would have none of it. And now as i lie on my death bed, I suddenly realize: If I had only changed myself first, then by example i would have changed my family. From their inspiration and encouragement, i would then have been able to better my country and who knows, i may have even changed the world.

The art of living consists in knowing which impulse to obey and which must be made to obey

Sydney Harris

The process of introversion:

Eventually it’s a question you ask which make you turn introvert.  The quality of a painting is the responsibility of the painter.  The quality of a sculpture is the responsibility of the sculptor.  Your life is your responsibility, no blaming allowed. By blaming others, you give up the power of change. By taking responsibility you take up the charge to change. 

“God has entrusted me with myself “

Respond with ability = Responsibility

If you are happy, it’s because of You

If you are sick, it’s because of You

If you are sad, it’s because of You 

If I am here to impress others, then it’s stressful.  I am here to express my understanding.  That’s the responsibility i have taken. It’s a relief. You should be willing to work on yourself. You never know when the change happens. You keep on improving your ability.

When an introverted person is reading or listening with intensity, transformation happens. Transformation needs intensity.  Transformation does not happen when either the seeker lacks intensity or the source lacks intensity.  In spite of the source lacking the intensity the seeker’s intensity can bring out a huge change. Entertainment doesn’t need intensity.  Transformation needs intensity.  Grandeur of introversion is to develop the intensity.  In that experience you and the source alone exist. Nothing else exists. Intensity means being fully aware of an experience without self -centeredness

Even failures you meet with intensity, it changes you. Therefore, intensity is a profound and blissful experience for an Introvert.  Many people go through intensity in all wrong ways.  

Ever since moment, how many experiences we are going through intensely. Masters suggest that to be born as a Human Being is a blessing. Intensity is required for the seeker.

Swami Ramakrishna paramahamsa talks of intensity, as a person being pushed into water, all he wants is to come up and breathe fresh air.

Let’s understand the following

Casual approach casual experience 

Entertainment approach entertainment experience 

Intense approach intense experience. We are blessed with intensity


My favorite sign is U turn. In all experiences of life, you turn. Introverts’ way is U turn.  It’s not the question of whose mistake, it’s the question of whose life. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional...  It starts with turning inward, asking right questions. For an introvert, life is beautiful.

From the desk of S A Sreedharan

From the desk of S A Sreedharan

New Age Philosopher & Self Management Coach