MI Youth

Life Full of Energy & Enthusiasm

Utilise the Energy of Youth

Youth is a stage of life full of energy and promise. However, this energy needs to be channelised purposefully to sustain a high quality of life. Current educational programs in schools and universities focus on increasing intelligence through the acquisition of external information. Intelligence alone does not prepare the Youth to face the challenges of life, resulting in an alarming rise in stress and deteriorating productivity levels.

Living Is An Art & Skill To Be Learnt

MI Youth Program contains powerful tools that outline the value systems needed for young men and women. M I Youth focuses on explaining the functioning of a person’s inner personality and its relationship with the world. Develops intellectual strength and clarity, preparing one to handle challenges and function with both efficiency and equanimity in life. A process that would enable them to live with cheer, enthusiasm, and purpose for a rewarding existence in the world.

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Of what use is an education which teaches children chemistry but doesn’t teach them about the chemistry of relationships ? Of what use is an education that teaches children history but fails to teach them to become history makers ? Of what use is an education which teaches children language but does not enable them to grow in love with communication and become a powerful communicator ?