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Become The CEO Of Your Life

Role of MI Self-Management Program

Today’s entrepreneurs and professionals are faced with challenges that are taking a heavy toll on the quality of their regular lives. Stress and strain are rampant, productivity levels not matching up to the marks and the inability to effectively manage time is a serious drawback to corporate efficiency.

So, What are the value systems and work ethics, managers need to develop to effectively tackle the environment around them?
And as leaders, what qualities must be inculcated to maintain harmony within themselves and the organisation?

Solution Lies In Self Management

The MI Management Program

The program is based on the fundamental principle of managing yourself before attempting to manage things and relationships around you. You will learn how to use this principle to improve your relationships, enhance performance, and reduce stress. Gain a direction towards purpose and fulfillment in work and life with the knowledge derived from ancient philosophical wisdom that contains universal time-tested principles of practical living.

  • M I Management is a technique focused on the individual.
  • Explains the functioning of his inner personality and its relationship with the world.
  • Gives clear solutions and equips the individual to implement them.
  • Allows one to develop clarity in thinking, become peaceful, and be productive in life.

Stepping Stones In Your Mindfulness Journey

Self Management

Experience a 60-minute growth session on the chosen topic, followed by a smart focus session of 50 minutes and a concluding question and answer session of another 45 minutes. There will be 15-minute breaks between the consecutive sessions.

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MI Management
Master Class

Intense presentation for 60-minutes, directly followed by a 30 minute Q&A. This option is suggested as an independent event or can be a follow up event after the management workshop.

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We also offer a holistic two-day retreat dedicated to self-transformation. It is the ideal choice for sincere seekers looking to enhance the quality of life and experiencing unlimited happiness. Contact us for further details.

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Topics to be included

Bounce Back

The Healing Self

Choosing Hope

Yoga & Meditation Intensive

Soulful Thoughts

Why Good People Suffer

Become the CEO of Your Life

Gratitude & Forgiveness Experiment

Art of Acceptance

Attractive Distractions

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.